128 oz. Tub and Shower Calcium, Lime and Rust Stain Remover



LIME-A-WAY cleaner with Turbo Power destroys lime, calcium and rust stains caused by the natural minerals in your water. It effectively cleans the toughest hard water build-up so that surfaces stay cleaner for longer. Your toughest limescale will be removed in seconds without scrubbing. You want a clean, beautiful bathroom, but hard water leaves disgusting stains on your bathroom surfaces and fixtures. LIME-A-WAY is your go-to hard water stain remover, ideal for cleaning large non-porous surface areas. You'll know its working when your calcium, rust, lime and soap scum stains are gone in a flash. Beating hard water stains in the bathroom can be tricky and exhausting. Choose LIME-A-WAY for all your rust cleaner purposes when bathroom surfaces need a shine pick-me-up.
Good for use on: sinks and fixtures, tub and tile and shower and glass
Cleans the toughest hard water build-up so that surfaces stay cleaner for longer
Removes the toughest limescale in seconds without scrubbing
Apply directly to the stain or damp sponge or cloth then wipe and rinse area thoroughly with cold clean water

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