Safety Slide Callus Shaver & Rasp

Size: 1 ea


2-in-1 wonder tool. Does double duty removing hard calluses and smoothing rough, dry skin. A safety first pedi essential for achieving soft, pretty feet. 

  • The unique “slide and lock” mechanism lets you safely conceal the shaver portion of the tool when not in use 
  • Rasp can be used to smooth calluses on the balls and heels of feet, as well as other hard or tough patches on the bottoms of toes 
  • Premium rasp and shaver both work effectively needing only gentle pressure 
  • Great for home and travel


  1. Clean and soak feet to prep and help soften hard skin. Gently glide the shaver across hard skin to remove thin, dead layers. 
  2. To smooth skin using the rasp, simply press the button on the handle and slide the shaver part down into the case. Use your fingernail in the notch on bottom of the handle to help slide the shaver down, thus exposing the rasp. 
  3. Once tool is locked in place, flip it and use the rasp to smooth skin.


To ensure safety when removing product, open packaging from bottom.  Blade is razor sharp.  Handle with extreme care.  Do not shave live skin.  Diabetics or hemophiliacs should not use this tool.

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