Comfort Memory Foam Insoles 7-13

Size: 2.02


Memory Foam, Slim design, durable & pillow soft, Relieves pressure on ball of foot & heel, All-day cushioning 

Made in China

100% Satisfaction guaranteed with all products or your money back.

100% satisfaction guaranteed Use scissors to carefully trim ea insole according to the guide on the back of the insoles.  Place this insole printed fabric side up directly on top of your existing insole or remove the existing insole and place this insole directly onto the footbed of your shoe or boot.  Hand wash and dry.  Do not machine wash. ©Trim to fit most shoe sizes. Memory Foam Cushioning instantly forms to your foot for personalized fit. Silvadur inhibits odor- causing bacteria. Slim design for compact cushioning.


Directions: 1. Separate left and right insoles,

2. Insert into shoe, fabric side up. Insoles must lie flat.

3. If too wide or long, trim with scissors according to the guide printed on the bottom of the insole.

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