Hot Tools Volume Round Brush With Sectioning Pik

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The right hairbrush can take you from a good to a great hair day. Hot Tools Signature Series brushes are individually designed for great performance and beautiful results for any hair type. Ever wish you could cancel frizz and static? Every time you use a Hot Tools Signature series brush you help reduce frizz and add shine for a smooth finish. The Iconic Hot Tools handles provide a comfortable grip with maximum control while drying and styling. These top-of-the-line brushes also feature a built-in professional sectioning tool. Easy-to-remove and perfect for multi-tasking. Get the beautiful you deserve with Hot Tools Signature Series. Hot Tools Signature Series Volume Round Brush is perfect for creating glossy blowouts, and a whole lot of volume. Fight frizz and add big shine for a smooth, long-lasting finish with every use. Enjoy a comfortable grip and maximum control while drying and styling with the Ionic Hot Tools handle. A professional sectioning tool is built-in to the brush and easy-to-remove.

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