9 Piece Brow Kit

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Complete Brow Kit, 9 pieces

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1. Choose your desired brow shape from the selection of eyebrow stencils included in this kit. 2. Position stencil over eyebrow, adjusting as necessary. 3. Use the angled brush end of dual-ended brush to apply brow powder along the cut-out area of the stencil to define brow shape. 4. Use tweezers, brow scissors and razor to trim and remove any excess or overgrown hair. 5. Gently touch up eyebrow as needed, using the spoolie to smooth and even out the brow line. 6. Wipe the stencil clean and flip it around to repeat this process for the other eyebrow. Eyebrow Stencils: Choice of 4 different brow shapes. Tweezer: Apply a clean, warm, damp washcloth to the eyebrow area to open pores. Wipe off to dry. Grasp a single strand of hair as close to the base of possible and gently pull out in the direction in which hair grows. Eyebrow Scissors: Rounded tips are designed to safely cut brow hair from delicate eye area. Use extreme care and gentleness while using this implement to trim overgrown brow hair. 3-in-1 Razor: Brow comb and brush are integrated into the razor for ease of grooming and shaping. Brush or comb hair into place. Hold razor at a 45-degree angle to skin and gently glide razor to remove hair. Dual-End Brush: Angled Eyebrow Brush: Dip brush in brow powder and tap off excess. Sweep brush along the brow to coat ea hair, filling in small holes or sparse areas and using the tip to create brow outline. The eyebrow brush is made of synthetic hair. Spoolie: Gently touch up along the eyebrow with upward and outward movement to blend and soften eyebrow makeup to create a more natural look. The spoolie is made of synthetic hair.

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  Keep out of rea of children. This product is not intended for use by children. In case of circulatory impairment or diabetes, contact your physician prior to use.

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