Rug Doctor 16 oz. Odor Remover



Rug Doctor, 1 of the most trusted name in carpet cleaning formulates, has created the Rug Doctor odor remover solution that works to DEODORIZE strong smells found in carpets, rugs, pillows, cushions, fabrics and more. The odor remover will get rid of urine smells, cigarette odors, old coffee smells and even musty carpet scents that linger. After using in a carpet cleaning machine, soft surfaces will smell clean, refreshed and good again. The Daybreak scent freshens a whole room and is fragrance the family will love. Use the odor remover solution in addition to your favorite Rug Doctor cleaning solution for extra protection against bad odors. Whether your home smells like wet dog, cat urine, or fungus the Rug Doctor odor remover solution serves as a refreshing home remedy to eliminate unbearable odors.

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