Scotch 1.88 x 50 yd. (48 mm x 45.72 m) Utility Duct Tape (3-Pack)



A Tape with Versatility: Originally developed for heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) applications, duct tape is used today in a variety of maintenance, repair and construction settings. Due to its unique design and low price, 3M Value Duct Tape is a good choice for light indoor duties where overall strength and durability are not crucial. The economical tape can also be used at temperatures as high as 200°F for up to 30-minutes. 3M Value Duct Tape comes with a classic, silver-colored backing. Our sturdy vinyl tape can be torn from the roll and sticks instantly, providing a wide range of convenient solutions. Built to Stick: 3M family of rugged cloth and duct tapes adheres to most surfaces for applications ranging from bundling to moisture proofing, sealing to splicing, reinforcing to hanging poly drapes. Available in a variety of colors and strengths, they are known best for their hand tear ability, high tensile strength and conformability.

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