TrafficMASTER Floral 18 in. x 30 in. Rubber Door Mat



Enhance your home's cute-factor with this gorgeously designed modern Rouge Contemporary Floral door mat. Made from all natural coir material and featuring vibrant colors, this is an eco-conscious flower door mat that will impress many eyes as they come to your home. Besides the mat's obvious aesthetic merits, it is highly durable and will last you a very long time. This coir mat can be placed outside in any weather condition. As a natural product, coir is better suited to handles the extremes of the environment. The coconut fibers are comfortably at home in blazing sunlight and just as durable in the face of torrential rain. In fact, these all-weather mats really shine in wet conditions because coir is very good at absorbing moisture and keeping away mold and mildew. The surface of this mat has the benefit of being made of coir. In addition to coir's inherent water-resistance, it is also tough enough to scrape dirt off of incoming footwear. The debris gets stuck on the mat itself and will remain in the coir until cleaned away. Underneath the coir on this flower door mat is a backing made of PVC. The purpose of the PVC backing is to provide a protective layering for the surface underneath the mat, be it wood, tile or anything else. Sometimes surfaces can degrade in the face of heavy foot traffic over time or if heavy weights are placed on them. The combination of the coir top and the PVC bottom adds a good degree of protection for your flooring.

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