Weiman 22 oz. Cooktop Cleaner for Daily Use



Weiman Products wants each surface in your home to look its absolute best. That’s why we have developed cleaning products that go beyond simply cleaning to beautify and protect each of your delicate, difficult to care for surfaces. The Weiman Cook Top Daily Cleaner has a non-scratch formula that allows you to effectively revitalize your glass/ceramic cooktop, countertop & bar surfaces. From stainless steel to leather to granite, each of our products is formulated specifically for one surface and one surface only, allowing you to achieve the perfect results that your home deserves. A clean home is great, but we want to look more than clean, we want it to look spectacular. Weiman Products is the perfect home, chef, pro, scratch resistant, cleansing, household, professional, and at work solution for all of your daily cooktop cleaning needs.
Streak-free Cooktop Cleaner has a gentle, yet effective formula that cleans up greasy and oily residue without leaving streaks
Non-abrasive formula will clean your delicate stovetops and ranges without leaving any scratches, marks or residue
For daily use, this product is formulated for quick, easy cleanups in order to keep your range shiny and clean every day
Use on all major glass and ceramic cooktop manufacturers

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